Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hobby = Chickens (Chicks)

Not done with the coop yet but caught wind of a local farm supply store getting a lot of baby chicks in stock! 

Reese and Fin introducing themselves.

For the first time publicly. Ladies and gentlemen... THE GIRLS!
Standing at 3" predicted to be the biggest of the bunch. Our Buff Orpington Mrs.Winner Winner

The loud month of the flock is a Black Sex-link named Josie. 

The sassy Red Sex-link called "OE" (Or over easy)

The courage bold explorer is our rhode island red called Grizz (We are Memphis grizzlies fans)

I think Josie looks more like grizz
But my son started calling the black sex-link Josie from the moment he saw her.

 This is their first home... Its a borrowed cage and lighting. 
I hooked up a digital thermometer and realized the cage would not keep it warm enough. (See next picture)

So I covered it with card board, left over shingles and tin foil. I also added a "Cluck cam" ip camera to keep an eye on them while im out.  (Had it laying around from a previous hobby...)

The chicks cost around $3 per. 5lbs of starter feeds was around $3 the feeder and waterier was also around $3.

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