Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Living teepee

I asked a friend who has more bamboo than he knows what to do with for some poles... He was more than willing to give me some. 

This was my first attempted... It was 12 feet high...

My wife did not care for it sticking up so high.... so I built a new one that is 6 feet high. 

I removed the grass and left holes.
Then I placed bricks around the holes and filled it with some potting soil.

The idea is that the beans I plan to plant will grow up the poles and create a fun editable place for my son to play or my dog to find a cool place to lay in. 

The top was tied together with some twine... I just wrapped it and looped it a bunch... It seems pretty strong...

Building raised flower beds on the cheap!

I bought some ceder fence planks and a ceder 2x4x8 and made two flower beds. 

 To brace the side I cut one of the fence posts a foot long and nail gunned it to the side.
I also put plastic around one of the beds to see if it would help it last longer... 

Little Big man helping fill the bed with some good garden mix dirt!

 I put tarps down last summer to kill the grass and make the soil easier to work. I tilled up about five inches of dirt and covered it with the good mix. 

Easy and cheap! 

I used a nail gun but screws would work just fine. 

The small sides are 3 foot (Half a plank) 
The longer sides are 6 foot (A full plank) 

It took 6 plants and half a 2x4x8 to do each bed. 

The dirt cost more than those beds!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Meet and greet

I'm hopping Reeses pack instincts and the chicks flock mentality will mesh.  Chicks meet mamma hen.

I'm slowly introducing them and correcting bad behavior.

The completed coop.

<p>There she is. The Taj macluck, The chickiseum, The hen den, The chick coop or The hen house.

What ever we call it... in the greatest word ever spoken... It is Finished!

Cheap netting

I found this plastic poultry netting at my hardware store on sale for $1.50! It went on easy... I would recommended putting the netting on the inside of the run. It is more work but looks better.

Final coop inspection

I now know that the ladder and wire mesh floor with support a small child! My litttle explorer found his way in the coop.

Porta Coop

Finally someone has tossed an old lawn mower! Free wheels! The wheels came off easier than I thought but there was still oil in the mower... The oil spot was worth it.

I took the wheels to a hardware store and bought some hex cap screws.. put a 2x2 on top, drilled a hole and BOOM porta coop.

Hint. Take a picture of the loose screw labels instead of writing on the little plastic bags... much easier at check out.