Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Building raised flower beds on the cheap!

I bought some ceder fence planks and a ceder 2x4x8 and made two flower beds. 

 To brace the side I cut one of the fence posts a foot long and nail gunned it to the side.
I also put plastic around one of the beds to see if it would help it last longer... 

Little Big man helping fill the bed with some good garden mix dirt!

 I put tarps down last summer to kill the grass and make the soil easier to work. I tilled up about five inches of dirt and covered it with the good mix. 

Easy and cheap! 

I used a nail gun but screws would work just fine. 

The small sides are 3 foot (Half a plank) 
The longer sides are 6 foot (A full plank) 

It took 6 plants and half a 2x4x8 to do each bed. 

The dirt cost more than those beds!!

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