Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hobby = Chickens (Building the coop)

I could not find a cheap way to do a roof.. So I went bought a pack of shingles for $18 and roofing nails for $2. I used a hand saw to cut them. (Youtube roofing a dog house for some good videos)

Im rebuilding the run... I did not like how I did it the first time 

This is the back. The two hinge doors ($.49 per hinge!) will make for easy access to eggs, food and water. 
The left side for food at water.
Notice the extra slots at the bottom! Its a pallet with most of the boards taken out! I covered the floor and the very bottom with wire mesh. The extra feed and chicken poo will fall into roasting pans for easy cleaning and composting!

 The right side for eggs.

This is the nest box... I have two that are stack able. The also come out of the coop and the bottoms pull out for easy cleaning. (They are 12x12

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