Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hobby = Chickens (Building the coop)

My coop is build from recycled wood. Mostly from pallets I found around town. Here is a side almost complete. I recommend borrowing a nail gun and compressor. Those things are amazing! I found a piece of glass/ plastic from a buddies work they were tossing to make my window. 

Here is the roost... At first I had a 1x1.... then got educated on some forms at Now my coop sports a 2x4 roost.

Windows are not easy to install... I hope this picture helps someone. 

I have found an even better way to get wood from pallets. It take about 2 min per pallet... Take your saw and cut the wood off the pallet. AMAZING. No more back breaking work for me. Why on why did I not think of this weeks ago!!

Almost done. Taking a break for the day. 

My door is 7x7 and I started getting nervouse about it... So I asked the community at about the size of my door and they said at least a 12x12 if you have a Buff OrpingtonsClick here for my post.

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