Monday, March 19, 2012

Hobby = Chickens (Building the coop)

Breaking apart the pallets was more difficult than I thought... A hammer claw breaks the wood... Some with a screw driver and hammer... 
But I found the secret must have weapon... at around $8 is the wonder bar by stanley. 
This thing is amazing... Its still a lot of work but this beauty is worth the cost.

After getting really good and stripping the pallets I used the already framed pallet and put 2x4s as the legs. I did not want to bed over every time I had to get eggs or clean the coop so it was a must for it to be off the ground. I also did not want it to be so high that it would stick over my privacy fence.

Since I am recycling the wood some of it had to be doctored with wood glue and clamps.

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